Women Laugh at Man Getting Penis Cut Off

The message from mainstream media is clear: violence against men is acceptable. In fact it’s downright hilarious. The entertainment industry has succumbed to feminist ideology and markets their man-hating poison to a growing female audience. Cue the non-stop orgy of male-bashing, females portrayed as perpetual victims, and males ever the low-life scum we are.

Consider the tedious yack-fest of female talking heads on brain trusts like The Talk. Nothing gets the gals more giddy than when a man suffers bodily harm, especially when it’s the vengeful act of a woman cutting his penis off. 

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Popular YouTuber Goes Public With Shocking Story of Abusive Girlfriend

I was wondering when it would happen.

I’m not happy that yet another man has been added to the growing number of victims subjected to female perpetrated abuse. But I am excited at the prospect that now, because of this man’s popularity as a YouTube content creator, it has launched an explosion of awareness throwing the spotlight onto women who used to get away with this invisible crime against men.

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5 Reasons to Remain Intolerant in a PC World

Contrary to current social mores, it’s imperative we retain our right to exercise intolerance.  As citizens of an independent nation, it’s how we rock the free world.

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