Women Laugh at Man Getting Penis Cut Off

The message from mainstream media is clear: violence against men is acceptable. In fact it’s downright hilarious. The entertainment industry has succumbed to feminist ideology and markets their man-hating poison to a growing female audience. Cue the non-stop orgy of male-bashing, females portrayed as perpetual victims, and males ever the low-life scum we are.

Consider the tedious yack-fest of female talking heads on brain trusts like The Talk. Nothing gets the gals more giddy than when a man suffers bodily harm, especially when it’s the vengeful act of a woman cutting his penis off. 

The ladies just can’t hold it in, snorting and choking back laughter even before the main host is able to get her first sentence out. Neither panties nor depends escaped spotting in the cackling depravity that ensued – each woman spewing the usual daft commentary as seen in this video

It’s just another example of female-perpetrated-abuse-as-comedy. And it demonstrates the low bar of emotional intelligence that too many women have little difficulty reaching. Indeed, why should women even care about developing a moral code of conduct, when crude behavior in females is not only excused, but applauded.

But how can this be, when society teaches us that women possess superior empathy over men?

Likewise, don’t expect to see anytime ever a group of men on a nationally televised show laughing about a woman having her clit cut off. The public outrage from feminists, manginas, and white knights would be deafening. Inevitably the show gets axed, and each man would be viewed like a criminal.

That’s a best case scenario of course; assuming each man employs attorneys and public relations firms to battle feminist smear campaigns and legal terrorism.

Why do so many women find harm against men so funny?

Because men are expendable.

At least that’s what feminist ideology would have you believe. Even now, it’s hammered relentlessly into public consciousness to the point where media messaging demands that a man’s pain be met with laughter, mockery, and scorn.

But people remain too busy to notice and too indoctrinated to care.

Ask any male Vet waiting in line at a VA hospital for treatment that never arrives and he’ll tell you.

If he was still alive.