Popular YouTuber Goes Public With Shocking Story of Abusive Girlfriend

I was wondering when it would happen.

I’m not happy that yet another man has been added to the growing number of victims subjected to female perpetrated abuse. But I am excited at the prospect that now, because of this man’s popularity as a YouTube content creator, it has launched an explosion of awareness throwing the spotlight onto women who used to get away with this invisible crime against men.

Invisible, because so few men report being physically hit, cut, and in some cases nearly beaten to death by a woman who might also be their intimate partner.

Contemptible females commit crimes all over the world that rarely get the attention in the media they deserve. As was a case in Houston, where a woman stabbed her victim to death multiple times in the head…with her stiletto heels. It’s believed she was possibly his girlfriend. If so, the murder weapons were more than likely bought with his own hard-earned money.

An increasing number of men have their lives destroyed by these indictable wenches. To the outside world, scheming women like these work hard to project a clear image of the weak and timid type that we see portrayed so much in the lamestream media.

But on the inside, these women are cold-hearted calculating predators out to control their male partners. They do so with a dizzying array of psychological attacks involving fear (of harm threatened upon herself, the target, his loved ones, co-workers, etc.), gas-lighting, and continued abuse if he steps out of line and does not conform to her demands.

There are horror stories of men who tried to get free from these female psychopaths, and paid the price for not getting far enough away or not performing the extraction process properly. Psychologists and professionals in the field recommend specific methods be strictly adhered to when leaving unstable women of this nature.

I have read Dr. Tara Palmatier.  I’ve found her research and advice highly effective for men looking to kick that female monster to the curb and move on with their life.

Statistics show that nearly 1 in 25 people are said to be sociopathic, so yes, the odds are good that you already have a nutty chick lurking somewhere near you. One that could do you serious harm. It’s why more men are exercising greater caution in their interactions with females, especially online where a friendly relationship can turn really bad really quick.

Ending a relationship with a crazy woman takes some planning. Experts recommend contacting loved ones well in advance, and set in place specific steps to successfully make a clean break from their abuser. Likewise, female criminals who would have gotten away with things like false rape allegations, and murder in the past, are now apprehended thanks to that little record button on smartphones.

Let’s unpack the rest of this story. The YouTuber is Matthew Santoro, an internet darling and well-loved celebrity on the platform. Matt’s revelation shocked millions of fans who’ve vowed retribution against the perp for her obvious cruelty to one of the world’s good guys.

It is completely sad he had to go through this.

There’s just some guys who are so naturally kind, I never want to see them changed for the worse by the worse sorts of people lurking right out in the open.  We have enough jaded people in society.

After you watch a few of his vlogs and the content on his main channel you’ll begin to see – here’s a lad who’s led a fairly charmed and safe life. 

Until now.

Matthew fell prey to a pretty young thing that was just another female predator wrapped in flattery, pink bows and lots of make-up. As with most narcissists, she moved quickly to attach herself to her host, gradually insinuating herself into his own videos, leaching off his fame and position, in order to bolster her own social standing.

Some people would just call that being a typical woman, the inevitable gold-digger. I still hold out hope for the NAWALT. Hey, pink unicorns could exist…somewhere.

His ex-girlfriend’s rebuttal video unveils a measured malice and spiteful attitude at work. Likewise with her appearance on The View – an attempt to save face from an earlier self-inflicted wound brought about by her viral video shaming fat people.

Matthew’s amazing video is entitled: My Abuse Story, and it’s lit a firestorm on the internet by exposing a well-kept secret among intimate partners.

A bit more about Matt.

Santoro’s bubbly presentation and editing style has driven his subscription numbers into the millions. Fans feel a deep connection to this man and have come to see him as a part of their family. I dig the guy too.

It’s taking some time for those watching this story, to process the impact a revelation of this magnitude holds for the community. Invariably, Matthew’s bravery is an inspiration to suffering men everywhere.

Having also survived female psychopaths, I’m reminded how grateful I am to still be intact and yes, alive. Especially in those moments when I catch a glimpse of my scars.

The combination of shock and alarm among his millions of fans in the comment section is palpable. It’s easy to see why, as Matthew breaks down multiple times on camera, sobbing and trying to gather himself, searching for a way to explain how his once happy life became the hell he survived for nearly a year.

In the video, Santoro’s usual perky self is nowhere to be found. All that melts away into tears of sorrow as he recalls surviving physical and emotional abuse at the hands of someone he trusted, and genuinely had deep feelings for.

The man is visibly upset as he relives the memories – the descent into that in-house penitentiary of abuser vs. target. The girlfriend was extremely jealous, an effortlessly callous woman who took pleasure in inflicting harm and exerting control over every area of his life.

The pattern is the familiar behavior of what some define as a malignant narcissist; isolating their targetviolating trustexploiting weaknesses, and feeding off the never-ending drama that always revolves around the abuser. Just like a ‘good’ little psychopath.

What makes his video so hard to watch is knowing what a positive guy Matthew Santoro really is. His productions are a bright spot on the internet, and Lord knows we could use more bright! His cheerful and colorful educational pieces are genuinely fun to watch, no matter what age you are.

I’m always in a good mood after watching, and viewers are made to feel they’ve just hung out with a great friend.

Sure, this is an intentional part of his schtick, but underneath the impossibly white teeth and perfect smile, I perceive an authenticity that comes through, telling me he’s not the cookie-cutter manufactured personality who’s doing what he does for the views alone.

The added value of the man drawing that negative encounter into his life, is that he has now learned a life lesson not all people experience, but one we all need to learn from and take to heart.

Thousands of fans suffering abuse are coming forward with their own stories. People who would have never shared intimate experiences are now making solid progress and getting free from their own self-imposed prisons. I have to say, I love it when Good wins out.


Please do watch Matthew’s video.

Especially if you count yourself among those men still not convinced that women can be every bit as angry and destructive as men. And in many cases, more so.

I contend that women have always been abusive, it’s just that now we have instant video at our fingertips, and it’s proving what millions of men have already known and been living with for some time: women are violent, women lie, women cheat, and women kill.

Some studies show that men suffer domestic violence (DV) nearly as much as women. When you take into account the code of silence; that men just do not discuss being hit or abused by the women in their lives, the percentage inevitably climbs to disturbing numbers.

The only way we can bring justice to male victims of female violence is by reporting these women and holding them legally accountable for their actions. No more slaps on the wrist from feminist judges! No more reduced sentences because she has a child!

My research shows that many men suffer in silence for years – in their effort to protect their kids from a mommy only upbringing.

If you are one such man suffering female perpetrated abuse, I implore you to reach out to a trusted loved one or a professional and ask for help. You deserve to be happy and pursuing a life of your own choosing, not one walking on eggshells in a home that’s turned into a prison.

There are good people out there.

Don’t betray yourself another day by sacrificing your life for another. Especially for a toxic woman who is simply not worthy of your love.