5 Reasons to Remain Intolerant in a PC World

Contrary to current social mores, it’s imperative we retain our right to exercise intolerance.  As citizens of an independent nation, it’s how we rock the free world.

1 –  It’s in our nature.

To be clear, I’m intolerant about certain things. Life ‘aint a sitcom and we all can’t be as free to speak our mind like Archie Bunker. 

Try being like good ol’ Arch’ in the feminized world of today, and you might soon feel you’ve backed into a hornet’s nest, as angry male-bashing wimmins storm the front steps of your business. But not after first contacting the local liberal media.

Humans have an innate desire to explore. As infants we crawled, kicked and screamed our way out of situations we had no intention of tolerating. We did that with toys, babysitters, and that nasty baby-poop colored pea soup we threw against the wall.

I’m told I was known for belting out one helluva sonic scream no adult handler could deny when expressing said intolerance.

2 – Freedom of Speech depends on it.

We can no longer sit idly by as men’s rights and free speech are annihilated.

My strident displeasure with feminists doesn’t end with their bizarre grasp of reality, allergic reaction to facts, or their immense disrespect towards men.

It’s the appropriation of male-only spaces that really blows my shit up. And what about men who simply want to attend a men’s rights conference but are met with a blockade of block-headed feminists refusing admittance and committing acts of violence against men that goes unchallenged, and unpunished.

Here’s a taste of what feminist bullying looks like.

Theirs is the type of toxic intolerance masked under the banner of patriarchal oppression.

3 – Higher Education as we know it won’t survive.

As I consider the unprecedented deployment of feminist thought police on the internet and in universities across America, it becomes obvious who the real threat to cultural progress is.

University is the last bastion of hope for seekers of knowledge. That used to count for something. Now, the feminization of the education system has destroyed any semblance of academia as it was intended.

Now, colleges have become a hotbed of pampered cry-babies who are more concerned with safe spaces. They brow-beat teachers into submission demanding they are made to feel comfy and safe.

Not unlike a newborn in swaddling clothes.

Somewhere along the way, these students didn’t get the memo that college is not a land of sparkling rainbow-shitting unicorns. But more on that in a future video and blog post.

4 -Personal preferences might be outlawed in favor of feminized accepted norms.

Humans have a desire to be free.

To pursue higher knowledge and follow our dreams! How can we do that, if we don’t exercise our right to indulge our personal preferences?

Your preferences are in no way an indication of the type of misogynistic intolerance feminists accuse us of.  When a man says he doesn’t dig fat chicks, or conveys a choice about anything, he is placed under the most terrible scrutiny by trigger-happy SJW’s who never need a reason to go full retard and launch a Twitter War or character assassinating distortion campaign.

Thus unravels another tenet of feminist dogma that insists choice is a woman-only option.

Even in dating a man can be legally punished for invoking his intolerance of an abusive woman, refusing to be another uncounted male statistic of domestic violence.

After he breaks off the relationship with said whackadoo, feminist laws now give female students the benefit of the doubt.

This bestows upon women the legal right to claim any number of imagined crimes against the man who’s prevented from even addressing his accuser. He’s guilty because he’s male.

Your sons have been thrown to the wolves.

False rape allegations are reported by journalists as if they were fact, further propagating a rape culture that does not exist. It’s also to blame for the low count of male students who are opting out of college, and society in general.

5 – Self-preservation.

It’s the premise behind such movements as MGTOW, and it begs the question: since when are men not allowed to freely express themselves? Oh yeah, since feminism. Since a group of misinformed man-hating females successfully lobbied governments to legalize grievance culture and outlaw male behavior.

Ya know,we men are told there is never a reason to hit a woman.

Sure there is, and feminism gives us so many to choose from.

I’m not advocating the hitting of women, (unless she hits first, then all bets are off), but the fact is the Western world is a total mess. We’ve lost our way. The inmates not only run the asylum, they’re building new ones.

What are some additional ways we can show intolerance for feminism? How can we defend against a virus that’s infected so much of the cultural landscape, when the mere effort of affirming a man’s right to be human too, is seen an an act of aggression by the brainwashed masses?