Feminist Social Reform Endorsed By Hitler

Men and boys are in crisis. In fact – you, me and everyone in Western society  is affected. One needn’t consult irrefutable research of renowned educator Warren Farrell Ph.D. to make this claim. The targeting of males is seen all around us in social media on the daily. Consider current tweets heralding such atrocities as International Castration Day, and hashtags like #KillAllWhiteMen, #MaleTears, #BanMen and of course feminist favorite #ShirtGate. With all this attention given to white males, I’m beginning to feel a bit like a celebrity.

Then there’s The First Church of Feminism’s call for 90% population reduction of men. Now this is social reform even Hitler could get behind. We’ve come to see the word ‘Feminazi’ as not so much a derogatory term, as it is a wholly accurate descriptive in a western world now heavily influenced by man-hating feminist ideology that seeks to further lionize women and girls, while devaluing men and boys.

I have yet to mention the yes means yes law which automagically makes all men who have the misfortune of speaking to a woman, rapists!  Men are the clear targets in this latest power grab by elitist feminists in the education system.  On any given day, good men going about their business can have their entire lives ruined in a flash by lying females with an axe to grind. These sociopathic females make false rape allegations in efforts to inflict harm on an ex or simply for the satisfaction of exerting power over a man who did not conform to their expectations.

Sadly, the female perpetrators of this crime are rarely held accountable and go on with their lives as if they never sabotaged an innocent life. And that’s what character assassination is: the maiming of someone’s online and offline reputation…their life as they know it, never to be fully restored again.

These male victims are left out in the cold; sometimes literally, expelled from school, fired from jobs, oftentimes incarcerated, saddled with a ruined reputation, and left to find a way to somehow repay extensive legal fees. Assuming they get out of jail anytime soon, that is.

Men and their families are fed up with the double standards and the pandering of government agencies to women and the absolute dearth of support for men. Enough is enough!

Men are used to feminist groups advocating for only one half of the population, but we are done paying for the privilege females enjoy to act at will, with no fear of reprisal or personal culpability. It’s well past time for female perpetrated abuse of this nature to be taken seriously and the criminal women held accountable for these atrocious acts of brutality against men.

Our very freedoms have been hijacked by feminist special interest groups claiming a desire for equality when their real agenda provides for females only, at the expense of males. The laws of the land now dictate that rights to free speech only apply to those women as we witness men’s civil rights violated without remedy.

How can we sit idly by and let feminists make a continual mockery of men and of a Constitution that America’s forefathers gave their very lives for? And a Bill of Rights effectively inked in their blood. To continue this destructive path of white male genocide means the inevitable collapse of a civilization built and maintained by the very same men feminists seek to exterminate. Without men to counter government abuse, there is no one left to protect anyone asserting personal freedoms.

Placing trust in a government to do the will of the people without citizens retaining power to sanction presidential overreach (are you listening Mr. Obama), is to knowingly sacrifice your right to life.

Feminists lobby and procure government funds adding to an already bloated cash cow of tax-payer dollars intended to ensure gender equality to the detriment of males everywhere. The results are anything but equal as reflected in the homelessness and suicide rate for men subjected to government enforced feminist quotas and ideals.

Or hasn’t history provided enough clear evidence of turncoat politicians who act out of self-interest instead of protecting the sanctity and quality of life for their constituents.

But feminists see their unabashed misandry as a humanitarian effort, even calling themselves Egalitarians, Humanitarians, Philanthropists. To those of us who understand the concepts of reality vs. fantasy, these are two different things.  It’s easy to discern the tenets of feminism and call it for what it is: a piss stain on the progress of a society in desperate need of healing and cohesion.

But the feminist indoctrination of Feelz Over Facts begins early. They get ’em young. It all comes courtesy from a left-leaning authoritarian education system that redefines critical thinking in terms of ‘micro-aggressions’ and illogical analysis that treats feelings as fact. Instead of that which can be objectively quantified and proven truth.

The horrific truth is, a female student on a college campus can walk up to school authorities, point to any male student, say she feels threatened by him, or he was sexually abusive in some way, and the burden of proof falls on the male. Within moments his entire academic and personal life comes crumbling down around his ears.

This unsuspecting student is utterly destroyed on nothing but the word of yet another disney princess who decided her delicate sensibilities (translation: shitty man-hating attitude) entitled the weak specimen of humanity to violate the rights of a fellow human being…just because he’s a man.

And the government supports her fully, in a society that lately more resembles a gulag than the Land of The Free.

With more females seeking degrees and fewer male students in our universities, we face an increasingly uncertain world of new challenges especially in the areas of high tech that will need the male perspective and gifted intellect of both sexes to help guide it through wars, intensifying pollution, and never before seen advances in things like trans-humanism, robotics and 3D printing.

Since invention drives the progress of civilization, I have grave concern for the future of mankind when achievements made by men are routinely marred and discredited by hostile feminists and card carrying social justice warriors – as was the case with #ShirtGate, when feminism reached nuclear level toxicity and destroyed yet another man’s moment of glory and proud accomplishment.

If we don’t soon disable the spreading misandry so prevalent in Western society, the men of tomorrow could possibly become permanently incarcerated denizens, or living the outlaw life feminists portray them as today. Men will be flourishing in underground communities, unaffected by damsels in distress and immune to a public policy dedicated to punishing male behavior.

Much like leading-edge MGTOW and some MRA’s do now.

Then as now, men will be essential to the security of a nation. It’s men who provide the strong hand of stability, and most advances in civilization are rightly accredited to men. The general public is ill equipped to manage the continued stripping of our freedoms by feminist grievance culture.  Men are the only force that stands between a gynocratic dictatorship and any semblance of a free world.

With each micro-aggression brought to the public discourse and each imagined offense manufactured by feminists, new stress is placed upon an already structurally compromised social grid.

Something’s gotta give. As feminists and SJW’s stare down logic and common sense, it won’t be men who blink first.