It occurred to me the other day that…

It occurred to me the other day that in the ‘fight’ for truly equal footing in the realm of civil rights, it pays to be mindful of where we men place our attention.

If all we’re doing is reacting to the latest insane antics of the feminized cultural marxist Left, then we can miss out on creating those things we most want to see come to fruition in our own life.

Stuff like getting that business finally up off the ground or spending more quality time with people that really matter. I guess for me it’s all about balance.

We must never tire in our quest to eradicate the plague known as feminism, but the good news there is; feminism is quite wonderfully on its way out. The recent million pu$$y march proved that.

A more disturbing parade of genuinely unhinged people can only be found in the confines of a mental health facility, or daycare center – where many of these protestors belong.

If you want proof of the effectiveness of cultural marxism, it’s on full display amid the women (and men?!) wearing pink pu$$y hats and spewing childish hateful rhetoric against whites and conservatives. The only thing missing were pacifiers and baby bibs.

Looking forward, the Trump Years are already bringing much needed change to this once great Nation. With President Trump (ah, that feels GOOD to say), ALREADY making good on all those campaign promises only a few DAYS in office, it’s feeling great to be an American again.

One of the changes I believe we’ll see is the return to a much less feminized America, where men will be ‘allowed’ to be MEN again! Yes, we have some 60+ million brainwashed citizens to de-program, but at least now we have a fighting chance to regain what was decimated over the past several years by way of the traitors in DC – at the hands of Democrats on both sides.

We Patriots have prevailed during some of the darkest years in our country. To all the men who stood tall and stayed strong in the face of overwhelming opposition, I salute you. Stay focused and continue showing others what it is to be a real man in 2017 and beyond. The future is bright and we have much to be proud of!


Women Laugh at Man Getting Penis Cut Off

The message from mainstream media is clear: violence against men is acceptable. In fact it’s downright hilarious. The entertainment industry has succumbed to feminist ideology and markets their man-hating poison to a growing female audience. Cue the non-stop orgy of male-bashing, females portrayed as perpetual victims, and males ever the low-life scum we are.

Consider the tedious yack-fest of female talking heads on brain trusts like The Talk. Nothing gets the gals more giddy than when a man suffers bodily harm, especially when it’s the vengeful act of a woman cutting his penis off. 

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Popular YouTuber Goes Public With Shocking Story of Abusive Girlfriend

I was wondering when it would happen.

I’m not happy that yet another man has been added to the growing number of victims subjected to female perpetrated abuse. But I am excited at the prospect that now, because of this man’s popularity as a YouTube content creator, it has launched an explosion of awareness throwing the spotlight onto women who used to get away with this invisible crime against men.

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5 Reasons to Remain Intolerant in a PC World

Contrary to current social mores, it’s imperative we retain our right to exercise intolerance.  As citizens of an independent nation, it’s how we rock the free world.

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Feminist Social Reform Endorsed By Hitler

Men and boys are in crisis. In fact – you, me and everyone in Western society  is affected. One needn’t consult irrefutable research of renowned educator Warren Farrell Ph.D. to make this claim. The targeting of males is seen all around us in social media on the daily. Consider current tweets heralding such atrocities as International Castration Day, and hashtags like #KillAllWhiteMen, #MaleTears, #BanMen and of course feminist favorite #ShirtGate. With all this attention given to white males, I’m beginning to feel a bit like a celebrity.

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